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Casting all actors for our upcoming film End of the Rainbow! Audition dates will be done by appointment only. (email will be sent out for more info)

The film will be shot between the dates of March 10-30

more info on casting roles below!

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You may use a cell phone photo that clearly shows your face. A professional headshot is NOT necessary if you do not have one. upload a jpeg, png

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Males :

John - 17 Years Old, Son of Jackson and Pamela Franklin, A typical high school kid who wants to go through his school tenure with a normal experience as everyone else. Gay but struggles with this truth because of what others will think. Not ready to tell the world yet. Just wants to be loved.


Jackson - Late 30s, Early 40s, Father of John and Husband to Pamela. A man who cares about his family but has been distant from the family with work and dealing with life. A provider. Traditional beliefs. Doesn’t agree with his son’s sexuality and has to learn to relive both his Son and Wife.


Marcel - 17/18 years old, John’s bully. He’s known John since Kindergarten and deep inside is jealous of how John is treated by others compared to him. He intends to make John’s school life miserable but truly means no hurt. Has internal battles to deal with.


Jacob - 17/18 years old, John’s love interest. He is a sweet guy and quiet. Is a lover not a fighter. He is not closeted but everyone is not in his business. 



Taylor - 17 years old, John’s best friend. Has known John, literally all his life and knows his the best. Wants the best for him and just wants him to be able to live his life in all of its truth. Does not play about John, His ride or die!


Pam - Late 30s/early 40s, John’s mother. She loves her son and wants the absolute best for him. She will do anything for her son and family. She is a hard worker and doesn’t depend on her husband to solely provide for the family. She doesn’t like to be blindsided with information. 


Mrs. Terry - Mid/Late 20s, a new teacher. Adjusting to the new career and trying to be the best example for the kids so they grow up and make something of themselves. Takes interest in John because she notices how he is picked on and he reminds her of what her former high school life was.

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