Musical Theater Summer Camp

For the last two years, Broadway in the H.O.O.D. has hosted a free Summer Theatre Camp, through partnership with First African Methodist Episcopal (F.A.M.E) Church.

It is a ten-week intensive musical theatre camp, educating the young cast members, ages 10-17, in the genres of drama, music, and dance. We believe it is our responsibility to assist in the cultivation of the wealth of potential in the younger members, inspiring them to become leaders who enthusiastically and confidently share what they’ve learned in the arts with their surrounding community through the discipline in what is takes to sustain the arts.

Our classes are taught and facilitated by members who are highly qualified in their area of expertise, and they each embrace new and innovative ways of teaching. Furthermore, by integrating the arts into all areas of our curriculum, the young cast members are allowed the opportunity to develop their potential and use their artistic expression through the benefits of music, dance, and drama.

Through the curriculum, we at BITH are committed to maintaining an advanced and vigorous program that will challenge every student to see themselves as agents of change and inspiration.